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World-class marriage coaching and education to get you on solid footing FAST.

Get Closer through Healthy Boundaries

Boundaries give you profound leverage and bring you CLOSER to your spouse. You will learn to differentiate between what is yours to manage and what is NOT through:

☑ Understanding External Boundaries (This is more than just saying “no” to something)
☑ Implementing Internal Boundaries (so you can stay in your lane)
☑ Getting Clear on Your Bottom LInes (and what you can let slide)
☑ Examples and templates of HOW to Communicate + Hold Healthy Boundaries
☑ The Boundary Declaration Formula (a tool to support any boundary you need to implement)

Build Emotional Connection

Only once we have emotional connection can we communicate effectively. Emotional connection creates safety and puts you on the SAME TEAM with your spouse. This is the secret sauce of a great marriage.

☑ What Emotional Connection Actually Is (not what you think)
☑ Identify Your Toxic Pattern (and how to break it)
☑ Four-point Feedback Template (The BEST Communication Tool on the Planet)
☑ How to Change Your Internal Programs that Get in the Way
☑ The 4 Conversations you must have to Build Emotional Connection

6 Week Lesson Plan


Introduction to Boundaries

Boundaries are very misunderstood in our culture. Learn what they truly are and how profoundly they impact your relationship.


How to Hold Boundaries

Setting your boundaries is not the same as HOLDING them. That is on YOU not your spouse.

In this lesson you will learn how to not only identify but communicate and enforce your boundaries (on yourself as well) with grace, confidence and LOVE.


The 4 Point Feedback Process

This is how you can communicate honestly and assertively, while also honoring and respecting your spouse.

In this lesson you will learn this absolute game-changer in communication. This process allows you to effortlessly embody healthy boundaries for both you and your spouse.


Change Your Limiting Beliefs

We all come to our relationships with old programs from our past. And if we don’t clear out the programs that sabotage our best efforts, all the tools in the world will fail.

In this lesson you will learn how to identify and reprogram limiting, mostly unconscious core beliefs, so that you can manage triggers, regulate your emotions, and actually USE the tools when it counts..


Fundamentals of Emotional Connection

Without emotional connection, communication fails. This is why focusing on communication first is a set up to give up too soon.

In this lesson you will learn that emotional connection actually is, the brain science behind our attachment needs, and how to identify your personal destructive pattern that blocks emotional connection.


4 Powerful Conversations to Create Emotional Connection

Emotional connection is not built through communicating on hot-button issues. It is built through understanding the raw spots of your spouse, and how to share your own from a vulnerable yet strong stance.

In this lesson you will learn 4 specific conversation templates that will help you and your spouse get deeply emotionally connected so you feel safe and on the same team for LIFE.

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