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Phase I, Lesson 3: Embracing Boundaries


Lesson THREE: Embracing Boundaries


Lesson 3


Please complete the steps below. 
If you have questions, please submit in the message field at the bottom.

1) Please identify a boundary and use the Boundary Declaration Formula to communicate this boundary. Communicate this to your spouse and submit below. 

2) Review and sign the Commitment to Hold Internal Boundaries and the Boundary Bill of Rights (for external boundaries). Submit below. 

3) Do the Bubble Exercise for Psychological Boundaries as instructed on the worksheet, and share in the Facebook group how this went for you. (Click here to go to the group). 

4) Fear, Anger Sadness Checklist and The Boundary Mantras are supplments to help you identify your boundaries, and internalize the beliefs to support communication of boundaries. You do not need to submit these as homework, they are for your reference only

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